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Know When to Keep Quiet: What You Should Never Say If You are Arrested for Drunk Driving

Being accused of and possibly arrested for drunk driving is an intimidating experience. Your first instinct might be to try to talk your way out of it, especially if you feel it’s a crime you haven’t committed.

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Will an OWI Force Me to Give Up My CDL?

Do you drive for a living? What happens if you get an OWI?

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Should I Tell My Employer about My OWI?

An OWI arrest can affect every area of your life. In the days and weeks after it happens, you’ll likely think about the event and what it means for your future non-stop, and you might feel as if the aftermath is creeping into all corners of your existence.

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OWI and Prescription Drugs

It’s no surprise that drinking alcohol or using illicit drugs and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle can get you into a lot of trouble. But fewer people understand the laws regarding drugs prescribed by their doctors. After all, if a doctor has prescribed medication, shouldn’t using that medication and going about your normal life be perfectly legal?

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How Criminal Charges Affect Your Custody Rights

When the family court system makes decisions about the custody of a child, they look at all aspects of the child’s life and try to determine what is going to be the best, healthiest environment for the child. If both parents are able to provide a loving, stable environment, the court will do all it can to create a joint custody situation in which the child spends significant amounts of time with each parent.

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Do I Have to Share My Passwords with the Court?

We do everything we can to keep our passwords safe. Revealing passwords can put a great deal of sensitive information at risk.

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Can I Change My Guilty Plea?

Pleading guilty to a crime ensures you will face legal consequences. People choose to plead guilty for a variety of reasons, including a reduction in the severity of a punishment. However, there are also cases in which a person accused of a crime pleads guilty because he or she is pressured to do so or because he or she did not understand the consequences of a guilty plea.

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Job Hunting with a Criminal Record? Here’s What You Need to Know

Job hunting is a tough enough challenge for the average person, but if you have a criminal record, finding a job can seem downright impossible.

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What is Jury Nullification?

If you’re in the midst of criminal proceedings, you’re likely to hear a lot of terms you’ve never heard before. And even if they are familiar, chances are you haven’t taken the time to understand them. After all, they didn’t affect you until now.

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What to Expect during Your First OWI Court Appearance

Appearing in court after an OWI arrest is one of the most intimidating parts of the entire experience. Despite having to go through the arrest process and spending time in a jail cell, many people who have been arrested for OWI report they were most uncomfortable standing in a courtroom speaking to a judge. Standing in a room full of people having to justify your actions would make just about anyone squeamish.

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What is Constructive Possession?

If you’ve ever been involved in a criminal investigation or arrested for a crime, you might have heard the term “constructive possession.” It often comes up when someone is charged with being in possession of something illegal, but is used to describe an item not being in his or her actual possession.

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Top Five Reasons to Hire a Lawyer before Speaking to Law Enforcement

For most people, an arrest is the most devastating and stressful thing that can happen in their life. And unfortunately, things rarely get less stressful after the arrest.

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Help! My Child Was Arrested for OWI!

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that as scary as it is for bad things to happen to them, it’s even worse when bad things happens to their children. Most parents would trade their child’s hardship for their own in an instant. This applies to many different scenarios including an arrest. If your child has been arrested for underage drinking and driving, what should you do?

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What is the Exclusionary Rule?

Most people are somewhat familiar with the exclusionary rule, even if they aren’t sure exactly how it works or that it even has an official title.

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What Could Be Considered Drug Paraphernalia?

If you aren’t familiar with drug culture, you might assume that identifying drug paraphernalia would be a fairly cut-and-dry issue. But let’s say you are familiar with the culture – you know then there are items that can be incorporated into drug use that are otherwise standard, daily items. Something as innocuous as a ballpoint pen or plastic baggie could be considered drug paraphernalia, but these items are far from being illegal. So if law enforcement finds an item like this during a search, should you be concerned?

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Tips for Choosing a Michigan OWI Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer when you are arrested for OWI can mean the difference between things working out as well as can be expected and the experience costing you a great deal.

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Probation Violations: What to Do If You are Caught Drinking… Again

Being arrested for drunk driving and losing your license can be devastating. Your situation gets even worse if you are ordered not to drink as part of your probation and you are caught doing so anyway. This all but guarantees you’ll face the harshest possible penalties and in all likelihood, not be driving for quite a while.

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Michigan OWI – What Happens to First Offenders?

If your experience with drinking and driving - and being arrested for doing so - is limited, the events that follow can be fairly intimidating. As a first-time offender, the good news is the penalties will not be nearly as harsh as they would be if you’ve been caught multiple times. The bad news is there are still consequences and the incident can still have a serious negative effect on your life.

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Can Expungement Help? What You Need to Know

If you have been arrested or convicted of a crime, it’s no surprise the experience has a serious effect on your life. Not only are you forced to deal with the related penalties if you are convicted, the effects can linger and cause trouble in just about every area of your life.

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Can a Speeding Ticket Result in Jail Time?

For most people, a speeding ticket is a minor bump in the road and not much to worry about, aside from the fine and potential appearance in court. Essentially, you make a mistake and as a result, the state forces you to be inconvenienced in a few different ways. Unfortunately for some, though, this seemingly minor infraction can lead to serious consequences.

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