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DUI Attorney Southfield Michigan

Facing a DUI/OWI in Southfield, Michigan can be a difficult time. It is important to have your arrest reviewed by an experienced and knowledgeable Southfield DUI Attorney.

At the Law Office of Andrew W. Kowalkowski located just minutes away from the 46th District Court in Southfield, Michigan, every client’s DUI arrest is investigated and prepared as if it were headed to trial. This is the only way to truly test the State’s case.

Most DUI/OWI arrests begin with a traffic stop and officer’s must have a valid reason to stop a citizen. The Law Office of Andrew W. Kowalkowski has successfully challenged vehicle stops in Southfield, Michigan and in many other courtrooms across the State of Michigan.

Once a stop is made, officers often investigate using standardized field sobriety tests which may include a preliminary breath test. The administration of these tests must be examined for reliability. Suppression of any unreliable test may result in a weaker case for the prosecution.

In many arrests, chemical tests are performed to link a Blood Alcohol Content number to the officer’s observations. These scientific tests have faults of their own, and again must be examined for reliability.

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