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How Can I Get Out of Probation Early in Michigan?

ankle monitorProbation is a period of time established by the court when a person is not incarcerated but still under the supervision of the court. It can be positive or negative, depending on your specific circumstances.

For instance, if you avoid jail time in favor of probation, chances are you’ll feel really good about your situation – at least for some time. But if you are forced to be on probation after a jail sentence, or your probation stretches on and on endlessly interfering with your life, probation can be a burden instead of a relief.

The good news is it might be possible to end probation early or modify your current probation sentence.

How is this done?

In many instances, if you have a good reason for requesting your probation be modified, the court will take your situation into account.

But even if you don’t find yourself in a must-change situation concerning your probation, it’s a good idea to plan to have your probation ended early. After all, the sooner you can put things behind you the better.

How can you ensure a better chance at an early end to your probation?

Follow the Terms of Your Probation

Regardless of whether you think your probation is too harsh or you believe it will be possible to shorten your probation, you need to follow the terms you were given until they are changed.

You need to do whatever the judge ordered, including be where you need to be when you need to be there. If you were ordered to attend classes, enroll in counseling, or go to rehabilitation, make sure you do so. Complete any community service requirements and meet with your probation officer when ordered to do so.

Even if you believe your probation will eventually be altered, you shouldn’t put off any of the requirements. Act as if your probation has no chance of being changed even if it does.

Also make sure you pay any fine, fees, or court costs on time. All of your payment obligations must be met before a judge will consider altering your probation.

Be Cooperative

You’ve probably heard the phrase “You’ll get more flies with honey than vinegar,” which means more people will be willing to help you if you are pleasant and have a good attitude. This approach applies to shortening your probation.

One of the primary factors a judge will consider is your relationship with your probation officer. The better it is and the more you did to cooperate with the orders you were given the better your odds of getting your probation changed.

Consider Timing

It’s rare for there to be a change to probation before half of it is completed. Most attorneys will advise you to wait until halfway through to make your request, especially if there are no extenuating circumstances and you’re hoping for goodwill from the court.

Work with an Michigan Criminal Attorney

Just as you should have an attorney defending your rights when you are arrested, it’s a good idea to have one in your corner if you’re trying to shorten your probation. He or she can ensure you are treated fairly and help you create your strongest argument for making a change to your probation.

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