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Michigan OWI and Michigan Public Health Code

A Michigan OWI and Michigan Public Health Code License could mean additional responsibilities for an individual.  If a licensee is ultimately convicted, the individual has finite amount of time to report the incident to the Department of Community Health – Licensing Division.

The Licensing Division requires that the offending licensee report the Court of conviction, the police report number, the individual’s permanent ID number, date of birth and date of conviction.  The Licensing Division’s fax number is 517-241-2389.

Procedure for and Possible License Sanctions for Michigan OWI Convictions

Each case is reviewed and treated differently.  Once the conviction is entered by the Court and the department is notified, the department will request all of the necessary documents from the Court.  Included in these documents are the certified copy of conviction and police reports.   After the department reviews the case and the circumstances surrounding the conviction, the board will make a determination regarding the license sanctions.

The Disciplinary Subcommittee will consider appropriate sanctions when a licensee has committed a violation of general duty, consisting of any conduct, practice, or condition that impairs, or may impair, the ability to safely and skillfully practice the health profession.

The Board has the authority to limit, suspend, revoke, deny, require probation, restitution, community service or fine the licensee up to $250,000 for a violation.

Michigan Health Professionals Recovery Program

Another item to consider is that a convicted licensee may be required to participate in the Health Care Professionals Recovery Program.  This is a fairly intense substance abuse treatment program for Health Care Professionals.  Again, depending on the totality of the circumstances participation may by part of the sanction, and would be public record.

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