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Oakland County Traffic Ticket

A simple traffic ticket in Oakland County may seem to be a situation where an experienced Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney is not necessary.  However, even the the most simple traffic ticket can lead to a substantial increase in your insurance premiums.  Often times clients decide to reach out to my office after receiving an increased bill from their insurance or after a second or third traffic citation.  Sometimes at that point there is little recourse available.

Maintaining a clean driving record is critical.  Not only will it keep insurance premiums affordable, but prosecutors always review the driving record when meeting with me to negotiate potential settlements.  The more entries the less they like to deal.

Recently, Michigan enacted a program where a cited driver can complete a Driver’s Education Course to wipe points off of a record.  Remember, that this program is only available a single time.  Often, I can avoid any record of a citation multiple times for clients.

If you have been cited recently in Oakland County for a traffic citation, call me today to review your facts and circumstances.  It may be possible to avoid any negative entry on your driving record.

If you have been charged with a any type of Michigan Traffic Citation in Oakland County or any other location in the Detroit or Lansing area, contact Attorney Andrew Kowalkowski today for a  consultation  248-974-9594.

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