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What Does It Mean to Have Your Driving License Revoked in Michigan?

Your Michigan driver’s license means many things: it means you have been approved as a safe operator of a vehicle on the state’s roadways. It means you have the freedom to travel from one location to another, completely in control of when and where you travel. And it means you have been trusted with the responsibility of driving and all that entails. Unfortunately, losing your Michigan drivers license ends of all these benefits immediately and can have far-reaching negative repercussions in your life.

There are many reasons your license can be revoked, all of which leave you feeling helpless and out of control. The loss of your license affects more than your ability to drive – it can alter your employment opportunities and inconvenience everyone who relies on you. If you are at risk for having your license revoked or you have already lost your license, it’s important you make smart decisions find someone to help you who understands Michigan laws.

Losing your license is the most serious consequence concerning your right to drive. Some people have restrictions placed on their license, which can be inconvenient, but is not as serious as revocation.

What are the Most Common Reasons a Michigan Driver's License is Revoked?

• Habitual occurrences of driving while under the influence of alcohol or other dangerous substances
• Driving with an excessively high BAC
• Missing a court date related to a driver’s license suspension
• Lacking the physical or mental capabilities to safely operate a motor vehicle

What Should You Do about a Revoked Driver’s License in Michigan?

In order to restore your driving privileges after revocation, you must wait at least one year and re-apply to the Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles. After two or more revocations the wait is five years before you can re-apply.

And even after you re-apply there is no guarantee driving privileges will be restored. You need to build a case in your favor with evidence and testimony, proving to the DMV that you are not a risk on the roads, which you will do at a hearing. This hearing is one of the most important events of your life and will affect your ability to drive.

For more information on driver’s license hearings in Michigan, visit the website for the Michigan Secretary of State.

You Need the Help of a Revoked License Lawyer in Michigan

Proving you are “road worthy” is a tall order and nearly impossible after multiple offenses without professional assistance. If your license has been revoked and you want to ensure the best chance of once again being granted driving privileges, you need a revoked driver's license lawyer.

Experienced revoked license lawyers understand how the system works and can walk you through the process of restoring your ability to drive. If you believe your driver’s license is at risk, you should contact an attorney immediately.

For more information or to speak to a revoked license lawyer in Michigan, contact Andrew W. Kowalkowski, PLLC at 248.974.9594.

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