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Misdemeanor charges might be considered minor to the average person, but when you are the one facing jail time, something minor can be devastating.

In Michigan, misdemeanors carry maximum jail sentences that range from 90 days to one year. Despite the less severe penalties associated with misdemeanors, it’s still important you find an experienced attorney to defend you. Andrew Kowalkowski can help.

What Crimes Qualify as Misdemeanors in Michigan?

• Minor possession of alcohol
• Carrying an open intoxicant
• Possession of marijuana
• Disorderly conduct
• Retail fraud
• Driving with a suspended license
• Fleeing the scene of an accident
• Reckless driving
• Assault and battery
• Drug possession
• Brandishing a firearm
• Domestic violence

Keep in mind some of these are considered felonies under certain circumstances. It is imperative if you have been accused of these or any other crimes that you contact an experienced criminal attorney. Andrew Kowalkowski has experience defending clients against a wide variety of misdemeanors. In addition to building a case against misdemeanor charges, he can also assist you in making sure your charges are not enhanced in anyway.

What You Should Do If You are Facing Misdemeanor Charges

If you are facing criminal charges of any kind in Michigan, you likely have a number of questions. Your attorney can explain what is happening, tell you what to expect in court, and explain legal terms that you might not understand. Your attorney also helps you determine what type of defense is going to be your best option.

Often, misdemeanor charges are the result of a mistake. Perhaps you didn’t understand the law or there was a miscommunication between you and the person pressing charges. No matter what events led you to where you are right now, you need an attorney on your side, fighting for your best interest.

From the moment you contact Andrew, he will work to defend your rights and protect your freedom. He takes the time to understand your case and guides you through the options available.

To learn more about misdemeanor charges or to contact an attorney who can help build a strong defense, call Andrew Kowalkowski PLLC at 248.974.9594.


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