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Brandishing a Firearm Acquittal!

People v. Client, 34th District Court (Romulus, Michigan)

Client was involved in a dispute with a neighbor.  The neighbor alleged that my client brandished a shotgun and threatened to shoot out a radio on the neighbor’s truck.  Something did not ad up.  The timing of the alleged events and the filing of the police report was bizarre.  My client was adamant that the neighbor fabricated this story in retaliation to a dog bite law suit that had been recently filed by my client against this neighbor.  My client was on felony probation in another jurisdiction and it was made clear that any type of conviction would mean a prison sentence on a probation violation. Trial was the only option.

At trial, the neighbor’s testimony was inconsistent with the testimony of her own son and my client’s wife and mother-in-law.  The additional fact of the recently filed dog bite suit sealed the deal.

Disposition: Not Guilty

Domestic Violence reduced to Disorderly Conduct!

People v. Client

Client was charged with Domestic Violence for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend’s son.  Client and his girlfriend contended that the allegation came from the son’s biological father who was jealous of the relationship.  After lengthy negotiations and multiple pre-trials, client agreed to a reduced plea of Disorderly Conduct.  After successfully completing probation his record would remain clear.

Disposition: Disorderly Conduct and Deferred Probation

Felony Conviction Avoided and No Probation!

People v. Client

Client came to me facing multiple charges in multiple jurisdictions.  The charges arose out of a traffic accident caused by my client.  The State alleged that he had ran from the accident without reporting it to police.  Once the police department made contact with my client he gave them the impression that his vehicle had been stolen and that he did not cause the accident.  To complicate matters further, this alleged false report of a felony happened in a separate prosecutor’s jurisdiction.  My client now faced misdemeanor accident related charges in one county and felony false reporting charges in a separate county with the possibility of substantial incarceration.

After months of lengthy negotiations with multiple police officers prosecutors, and their supervisors my client walked out of court with two low misdemeanor convictions and a minimal sentence of fines and  no probation!

Disposition: Failing to Report an Accident and False Report of a Misdemeanor

Case Dismissed!

People v. Client

Client came to me facing one count of retail fraud.  Client was concerned about the impact of a conviction on their immigration status as well as their employment in the future.

Disposition: Case dismissed after completion of community service.

Conviction avoided!

People v. Client

Client had stopped to relieve himself behind a closed business on his way to work.  Officers stopped him as he left and cited him for failing to wear his seat-belt and disorderly conduct.

Disposition: Client paid minimal fines and costs and completed a short probationary period and the case was dismissed.

Felony Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor then Dismissed after Successfully Completing Probation!

People v. Client

Client was cited for possession of controlled substance without a prescription.

Disposition: Plea to Misdemeanor possession and was placed on probation under MCL 333.7411.  Case was dismissed after successful completion.

Domestic Violence case Dismissed!

People v. Client

Client faced charges of domestic violence against his live-in girlfriend.  Text messages and Facebook posts contradicted her side of the story.

Disposition: Case Dismissed

Felony Conviction Avoided!

People v. Client

Client was traveling down I-94 and stopped for driving too slow.  A search of the vehicle revealed steroids and a large amount of cash.

Disposition: Reduced charge to a misdemeanor and placed on probation under MCL 333.7411.  Case dismissed after successful completion of probation.

Two Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed!

People v. Client

People v. Client

Client was charged in two jurisdictions with Domestic Violence.  Trial preparation took months.

Disposition: Both Cases Dismissed

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