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License Restored by Circuit Court Judge after Secretary of State Denial

My client had been attempting to get his license back for over a decade.  After he had yet another unsuccessful attempt with the Secretary of State and their Driver License Appeal Division, I advised that a legal appeal of that ruling was in order.  The Secretary of State’s Hearing Officer had cited minor issues in his reasoning for the denial and it was apparent that my client had been denied improperly.  Once our appeal hearing date was finally scheduled we explained the errors in the Secretary of State’s decision and walked out of the courtroom with full licensing privileges after more than ten years.

License Restored after 5 OWI/DUI Convictions!

Client had a significant conviction history which included five separate convictions for drunk driving.  Thankfully client fully recognized and accepted his alcohol problem.  He became deeply involved in a comprehensive recovery program that utilized many different support systems to assist in his sobriety.  We spent a lot of time perfecting the evidence that was submitted and his testimony for the hearing.  After a long hearing he was granted a restricted license and was on his way to regaining his full privilege to drive.

Disposition: Restricted License with an Interlock for one year.  After that year we applied for and were granted full privileges.

Licensed Restored after just 12 Months!

I represented this client during the proceedings for their 2nd offense drunk driving charge.  After she was unfortunately convicted of a second offense drunk driving, she listened to the advice I gave her to make the process of regaining her license privilege as easy as possible.  She combined my advice with a strong commitment to sobriety, and with that we were able to present a strong case for reinstatement at the hearing.  The hearing was held just 12 months after she lost her license and she was granted a restricted privilege.

Disposition: Restricted License with an Interlock for one year.  After that year we applied for and were granted full privileges.

Third Offense Licensed Restored after just 14 Months!

This client plead guilty to a third offense drunk driving and lost his license as a result.  His employer made accommodation to allow him to continue working, but  they were temporary and it was critical that he regain his driving privilege to maintain employment.  We submitted his appeal just 14 months after his revocation and while he was still on probation for the felony conviction third offense drunk driving.  At the hearing my client was able to express his deep commitment to sobriety through his testimony.  The documents that were submitted supported his testimony.  After the hearing he was issued a restricted license and was able to keep working.

Disposition: Restricted License with an Interlock for one year.

Thanks again Andy.  I really think you made the difference today for me.  It’s just like in my business, sometimes the “little things” are all that matters.

- N.P.

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